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Bubbles - an iconic restaurant in the center of Warsaw

Treść ogłoszenia:
Bubbles is an exceptional restaurant in Warsaw, which is distinguished by its unique atmosphere. You will find satisfaction here and you will want to visit us again. We encourage you to pass the threshold of our restaurant and see yourself, what the uniqueness of our restaurant is based on.

Only here you will see that this particular type of drink is not just for celebration, but it also goes perfectly with simple dishes. The fine selection of champagnes complements the excellent cuisine combining simple products into surprising compositions.
The bar in Warsaw offers on the menu, among other things: a wide selection of regional meats and cheeses, Raclette from the stove, tomato tartare, seafood, seasoned meat and unusual desserts.

Bubbles Bar in Warsaw is not only Champagne, you can also choose from a wide selection of wines from Italy and Spain. Devotees of strong drinks will find a large brands of classic liquors and surprises from native distilleries.

We welcome to the Bubbles Restaurant!


Mobile number: +48 512 540 913

E-mail: office@bubbles.com.pl
Zdjęcie piewsze
Autor: Bubbles | 2019-04-18 10:45:11
Email: bubblesbar.warsaw@gmail.com
Telefon: 512540913
Lokalizacja: Mazowieckie (Warszawa)
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